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‏4 Scientific Sessions at the launch of the Mecca halal forum 2024

الثلاثاء - 23 يناير 2024

Tue - 23 Jan 2024

The Makkah halal forum, at its launch today (Tuesday), witnessed the holding of 4 Scientific Sessions, in which a number of specialists and experts discussed a wide range of the most prominent issues and challenges related to the halal industry sector in the world.

The first session was entitled " successful models in the halal industry.. Case studies from different countries", a number of successful experiences in organizing the halal industry from different countries, focusing on the leading models in the application of halal systems and standards and quality assurance, in addition to analyzing the main factors that contributed to the success of these models and the challenges they faced, innovation and development in the halal industry, focusing on modern technologies and innovative solutions in the production and distribution of halal products, marketing and promotion of halal products, and also touched upon the consideration of best practices in directing advertising campaigns and the use of social media and digital marketing.

The first session was attended by Mr. Dino salimovich, advisor to the Ministry of foreign affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mrs. natavan mammadova, general secretary of the Azerbaijan National Union of employers ' and businessmen's organizations, Mr. Abbas Hazrat shelya pushnikov, head of the special organization for quality control of products "halal standards committee", spiritual Council of Muslims of the Republic of Tatarstan.

In the second session, which was entitled Global Experiences in the halal industry, Mr. Ihsan ofut, Secretary General of SMIIC, Dr. Hakimah Yusuf, General Manager of Jakim Malaysia, and Mr. Mohammed Akil Arham, president of BPJPH in Indonesia, discussed a number of different regulatory experiences in Arab, Western, Asian and other countries, through reviewing the various regulatory structures and bodies concerned with regulating the halal industry, reviewing a number of legislative and legal experiences in the halal industry, in addition to exploring legal challenges and issues related to the definition and documentation of halal and combating counterfeiting and fraud, development and economic experiences in the halal industry, as They highlighted the economic and developmental role of the halal industry at the global level.

In the third session of the forum, entitled Innovation in marketing and commercial excellence, travel and tourism industry, a number of specialists discussed the importance of innovation in the halal travel and tourism industry by reviewing the role of innovation in achieving commercial excellence and competition in the travel industry, in addition to information and communication technology, the halal travel and tourism industry and the use of advanced technology to improve marketing and customer experience in the halal travel and tourism sector.

The participants in the third session stressed the importance of providing innovative and halal-compliant travel and tourism experiences to win customer confidence and achieve commercial excellence, in addition to discussing ways to enhance cooperation between companies and institutions in the halal travel and tourism industry to exchange knowledge and experiences and develop new products and services.

H. E. Mr. Fazal bahradin, founder and CEO of Halal Trip g "CrescentRating"company, participated in the session. His Excellency Mr. Irshad Qadir, CEO of Globothink. In addition to His Excellency Mr. Abdulmalik Taylor, founder and CEO of the company .Halal Tourism Britain and Halal Cruises

The fourth session, entitled Development and transformations of the halal industry: visions and challenges, dealt with the analysis of the current state of innovation and development in the local halal industry, in addition to the opportunities and challenges facing industrial companies in the process of innovation, development and marketing, reviewing the best practices and successful models of innovation, development and marketing in the industry of this field.

The session was attended by H. E. Mr. Ahmed bin Sharaf usailan, executive board member and managing director of food development company, H. E. Mr. Mohammed Abdul Razzaq Al-Ohali, general manager of the food industries and agriculture sector at the Ministry of investment, in addition to H. E. Eng.Ashraf al-tunbouli, CEO of Islamic chambers halal services company, and H. E. Eng. Rakan bin Adel al-Madah, executive vice president of the kingdom discovery sector of the guests of Mercy Service program.