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On the second day of the Makkah halal forum 2024... Three sessions review the market requirements and ways to enhance its sustainability

الأربعاء - 24 يناير 2024

Wed - 24 Jan 2024

The second day of the Makkah halal forum, held at the Makkah Al Mukarramah exhibition and Events Center, under the patronage of the minister of Commerce, His Excellency Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, with the participation of 30 countries, will witness fruitful discussions on market requirements and ways to promote sustainability in halal food supply chains during its sessions.
The first session was entitled " creativity in targeting new customer segments. Complementary services (finance, insurance, and logistics)" the importance of targeting new customer segments: reviewing the importance of expanding the customer base and targeting new segments in achieving growth and commercial excellence in the industry of complementary services finance and logistics insurance. Demographic and behavioral shifts of customers: analysis of demographic and behavioral shifts in the market and how to target new segments that arise from those shifts. Innovative marketing strategies for targeting will discuss innovative marketing strategies and effective channels for reaching new customer segments in the industry of complementary services finance and insurance logistics. Technology and innovation in targeting new segments: research how to use technology and innovation in identifying and reaching new segments of customers and meeting their changing needs. Besides data analysis and artificial intelligence, in targeting new segments review how to use data analysis and artificial intelligence to understand, behavior and needs of new segments and improve targeting strategies.
The first session was attended by the CEO of Al Baraka – Pakistan Atif Hanif, CEO of HDC Malaysia Harul Arifin Sahari, CEO of "Halal Ad" Ma'ruf Yusuf.
In the second session, entitled "The national halal system: reality and future vision", the speakers explained: The executive director of the Saudi accreditation Center, Dr. Adel bin Abdulrahman Al-Qaed, the governor of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and quality organization, His Excellency Dr. Saad bin Othman Al-Qasabi, the CEO of halal products development company, Fahad bin Sulaiman Al-nahih, and the CEO of the Saudi Food and Drug Authority, His Excellency Dr. Hisham Bin Saad al-jadhi, discussed the vision and strategy for the development of the halal industry in the Kingdom, and discussed the vision and strategic plans aimed at strengthening the halal industry in the kingdom, including promoting innovation and creativity in this context, in addition to the role of innovation and creativity in the development of halal products and services: Review the importance of innovation and creativity in the design and development of new and innovative halal products and services, and how this can contribute to strengthening the halal sector in the Kingdom, and ways to enhance cooperation between the public and private sectors in the halal industry: discuss ways to enhance cooperation and partnership between the government and private companies in promoting innovation and creativity in the halal industry, and overcome the obstacles they may face, they also touched upon the promotion of research and development in the halal industry discuss the importance of supporting research and development in halal industry, directing attention and investment in innovation and creativity and the development of new products and technologies.
In the third session, entitled "Sharia provisions and Sharia opinion in modern halal industries", the speakers discussed the dean of the Faculty of Sharia at the Islamic University of Medina, Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Sunani, the president of the Al-Azhar International Academy for training imams, preachers and fatwa researchers, Sheikh Dr. Hassan Salah al-Saghir, professor of jurisprudence at the Faculty of Sharia at Qassim University, Dr. Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Musleh, and the Secretary General of the International Islamic Fiqh complex, His Excellency Dr. Qutb Mustafa Sano, discussed the concept of modern halal industries: Definition of modern halal industries and their various fields, highlighting their importance in meeting the needs of Muslims and consumers with interest in Sharia orientations, and the Sharia provisions of modern halal industries review the Sharia provisions and guidelines that should be taken into account when developing and operating modern halal industries, including the use of materials, processes, product design, distribution and marketing.
They also discussed the importance of Sharia opinion and consultation with scientists and Muftis specialized in modern halal industries, and how to apply their recommendations and advice in this area, reviewed the contemporary challenges and issues facing modern halal industries and questions related to sharia rulings, such as reasoning about halal and haram in modern technology, achieving transparency and traceability in the production chain, marketing and advertising related to halal products, and exchanged ideas and experiences on how to achieve innovation and development in modern halal industries, while adhering to sharia rulings and Sharia opinion.
During its three days of 10 discussion sessions and 250 meetings, the forum will discuss several issues and topics related to the halal industry in the world, including the topic of halal certification and standards, and the latest standards and regulatory frameworks to ensure the safety and authenticity of halal products and services.