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The launch of the "Mecca halal forum" with hundreds of exhibitors from around the world

الثلاثاء - 23 يناير 2024

Tue - 23 Jan 2024

The "Makkah halal Forum", which opened today (Tuesday) at the exhibition and forums center of the Makkah Chamber of Commerce, will discuss, over the course of three days, a wide range of topics that address various aspects of the halal industry and related sectors.
Through discussion sessions and meetings, the forum will address the topic of halal certification and standards through discussions on the importance of halal certification, the latest standards, regulatory frameworks to ensure the safety and authenticity of halal products and services, as well as the halal food industry and explore trends, innovations and best practices in the sector, including supply chain management, quality control, food safety and meeting consumers ' diverse preferences.
The forum sessions will shed light on halal tourism and the possibilities of attracting Muslim travelers, promoting destinations that meet their cultural and religious needs, in addition to discussing opportunities and challenges in halal finance, including Islamic banks, ethical investments, sukuk, and the development of halal investment tools.
The sessions will also touch on halal cosmetics and personal care, addressing the demand for halal cosmetics and personal care products, discussing ingredients, manufacturing processes, and marketing strategies to meet the needs of halal-conscious consumers.
Through its various sessions, the forum guests will discuss the issue of halal medicines and healthcare, healthcare services and medical ethics in providing halal-compliant healthcare solutions, adding halal logistics and supply chain including challenges and opportunities in halal logistics, transportation, storage and distribution of halal products while maintaining integrity throughout the supply chain.
In the field of Halal Digital Economy, the forum guests will demonstrate the extent of exploring the intersection of halal and technology, including e-commerce platforms, digital marketing strategies, blockchain applications, innovative digital solutions in the halal industry, as well as the importance of halal education, research, and training programs to develop a skilled workforce, promote innovation, and advance knowledge in the field of halal.
The Makkah halal forum was launched today, under the slogan "innovation in the halal industry", under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al Qasabi, Minister of Commerce of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, by organizing the partners of the five-year benefits agreement (Makkah Chamber, Medina chamber, Islamic Chamber of Commerce and development, Jeddah Chamber, Taif Chamber) along with the Islamic Chamber for halal services (ICHS), in strategic partnership with the Saudi Standards, Metrology and quality organization and the Saudi Food and Drug Authority.
The Makkah halal forum is a special event that brings together hundreds of exhibitors from around the world to discuss the issues of the global halal market, which is witnessing an increasing demand from Muslim consumers, business owners, innovators, and specialists around the world.
The secretary general of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and development, Yousef Khalawi, explained that the forum, which starts from Mecca for its symbolism, was organized due to the need to hold a large global event that brings together various halal industry makers and influencers at the international level, and will be held annually under the title "where leaders make the future of halal", and a different title will be chosen to focus on each session, where this year comes under the slogan "creativity and innovation in the halal industry" and has gathered leading figures from government sectors and commercial sectors from around the world.