A Cooperation Between Rui Costa and Cristiano Ronaldo’s Tech Company: Introducing The Arrival of “Footlab” to Saudi Arabia

The World’s First Indoor Football Measurements, Performance and Training Park
The World’s First Indoor Football Measurements, Performance and Training Park

الاحد - 05 فبراير 2023

Sun - 05 Feb 2023

In an endeavour to contribute and to enrich the evolving sports and entertainment scenes in Saudi Arabia, Confrontation Entertainment, a Saudi Entertainment company, has signed an Exclusive Master Franchise agreement with “FOOTLAB” in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

“FOOTLAB” is cooperation between Portuguese football legends, Rui Costa and Cristiano Ronaldo through his tech company “7EGEND”. It started from an idea to bring to life a blend of eGaming, real-life football and technology. At “FOOTLAB”, players train, compete, and keep track of their real-time performance data within different stations in the park, which are all connected in a digital ecosystem.

“FOOTLAB” was designed for the next generation of football players, all connected in a global community competing against peers all over the world, providing players and trainers with the tools they need to measure and track performance in real time and use that information to create personalized development. “FOOTLAB” technology is proprietary, developed in-house by Sports Scientists, a team of Software and Hardware engineers, UX designers, Artificial Intelligence and Data experts to deliver the world's best Football data-driven experience.

In this regard, Luis Parafita, Footlab World CEO, expressed his gratitude for entering the Saudi market through this agreement; “Sports is an integral component of Saudi Arabia’s transformative Vision 2030, and we are thankful for the unconditional support of our partners and the perfect timing to launch Footlab in all Kingdom, having Cristiano here and world attention for what lies ahead.”

“‘Footlab’ aspires to change the game in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”, he pointed out, “with elite facilities and coaching staff dedicated to the analysis and development of players, empowering teams and groups of friends with challenges, to test and improve their cognitive, physical and technical skills.”

On his part, Ahmed Madani, Confrontation Entertainment CEO, mentioned that the outlook for the entertainment and sports industries is rising throughout Saudi Arabia; therefore, it’s quite timely to seize the opportunities to set new trends and introduce new innovations in the market, and that’s what this partnership with “Footlab” is here to achieve.

“This partnership comes in alignment with the Quality of Life Program which is one of the Saudi Vision 2030 Realization Program” he added, “which encourages the private sector to contribute to the development of the entertainment and sports sector, by offering an abundance of new experiences that contribute to raising the quality of life.”