New technological breakthrough unlocking new 5G capabilities

Zain KSA successfully tests ambient-powered Passive IoT with Huawei
Zain KSA successfully tests ambient-powered Passive IoT with Huawei

الأربعاء - 05 يوليو 2023

Wed - 05 Jul 2023

Zain KSA has successfully conducted trials of its practical applications for Passive Internet of Things, Huawei 5.5G IoT technology that runs on ambient energy sources (i.e. not from a battery). The remarkable breakthrough aligns with Zain KSA's strategy to enhance the 5G experience in the Kingdom and unlock the advanced capabilities of its 5G network to deliver innovative solutions and services to its customers.

The Huawei self-operating Passive IoT stands as a promising future application of 5G networks, opening up a multitude of opportunities for advancements across industries like logistics, healthcare, smart agriculture, and more. This technology enables companies to enhance operational efficiency and rationalize expenses. Unlike traditional IoT devices, Passive IoT Tag devices do not require active power sources, which makes them easy to install, reduces the need for maintenance and frequent replacement, and provides a long lifespan, further reducing costs.

Following the successful test of the Passive IoT model, Zain KSA ushers in a new era of innovation and operational efficiency that will revolutionize business practices across various sectors. The test results demonstrated remarkable accuracy in asset tracking enabling the identification of remaining stock and delivering real-time temperature updates.

Commenting on the new breakthrough, Eng. Abdulrahman bin Hamad Al-Mufadda, Zain KSA’s CTO, said, “Zain KSA is dedicated to constructing an inclusive digital ecosystem rooted in innovation and progress, leveraging the full potential of our 5G+ network to generate economic and societal benefits by supporting the nationwide digital transformation and serving Saudi Vision 2030’s overarching goals of achieving sustainable economic diversification and improving the quality of life. By introducing Passive IoT, we are opening up new spaces to employ the capabilities of 5G+ networks offering our customers innovative and sustainable solutions that drive operational efficiencies while reducing costs. These environmentally friendly technologies empower businesses to boost productivity and accomplish their technical objectives through integrated all-digital processes.”

Zain KSA is continuously enhancing the utilization of 5G technologies by introducing new products and innovative use cases complementing next-gen technology solutions. In addition to introducing 5G Stand-Alone technology, Furthermore, the activation of the 5G 3CC feature, which combines three-carrier frequencies, further solidifies Zain KSA's position as dependable communication and digital services partner, making it the preferred choice for customers and businesses throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.