Abubakr Ahmed Weli

Sustainable Quality for an Aspiring Nation

الأربعاء - 15 يونيو 2022

Wed - 15 Jun 2022

Quality Management, performance standards and key performance indicators are becoming more and more important; they help to perform well and measure corporate performance and products accurately. Most of the organizations, nowadays, are applying quality management, quality systems like iso 9001:2015, and quality tools like sigma six, kaizen and lean-sigma-six in order to have sustainable performance and production (outcomes) improvements. In this context, the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization organized the 8th National Quality Conference under the theme of “Sustainable Quality for an Aspiring Nation” from the 6th till the 8th of June 2022 at King Salman International Convention Center in Al-madina Al-Minawarah region. There were seventy speakers mainly Saudis and British, sixteen sessions, seven workshops and an exhibition with more than thirty exhibitors.

The conference objectives were to highlight the importance of Quality in achieving sustainable development and to raise the level of Quality, and to enhance the role of quality management implementation and corporate excellence in improving performance and product. The conference also gave all the attendees and participants chances to exchange quality management knowledge and best practices. And it shed the light on the role of quality management in achieving products' competitive value. In addition to that it highlight the important of quality to individuals and society.

The speakers and the workshops' trainers concentrated mostly on the role of quality management and its tools in achieving performance sustainability and consequently good products plus customers' satisfaction.

I attended the most keynote speakers and inferred that quality management and quality systems are a must for every organization (big or small) and individuals around the world, especially in the 21st century. Because QM and QSs can support to gain performance sustainability and products' competitive values. Moreover, the implementations of quality management and quality systems can provide value stream mapping for every single operation. And, they provide key performance indicators to measure achievements' progress, processes' success, and outcomes' Quality.

"Sustainable Quality for an Aspiring Nation" was the title and the main idea of the 8th National Quality Conference. And from my opinion, it must be the corporate culture for all of us. The good and excellent deeds are a way of life to be always on the top.