Symphony under the Stars: a dreamy music event in the ancient desert of AlUla

الثلاثاء - 08 مارس 2022

Tue - 08 Mar 2022

spine-tingling musical performance set under millions of twinkling stars in the majestic Arch Rock area of Madakheel. The nature reserve in the vast ancient AlUla desert is a focal point for nature and adventure lovers لا and photographers from all around the world. It is known for unique rock formations, multi-coloured canyons and volcanic stones.

The musical ensemble will be the first ever musical event held in Madakheel and will star international performer Dardust. The Italian pianist and composer is well-known for combining minimalist piano with European-influenced electro beats and visual effects. Dardust has created a new composition exclusively for this event, dedicated to the spectacular skies of AlUla.

In this cutting-edge concert, within the natural dramatic theatre of Madakheel, a seamless connection will be made between technology, natural heritage, astronomy – all set to the backdrop of an astonishing lighting design courtesy of specialist event producers, Balich.

The lighting design is conceived to enhance the natural phenomena of Arch Rock and the night sky with effects aimed at finding the balance between moments of very low lighting diffusion to enjoying the galaxies of stars.

The interplay between lighting and the natural venue allows the show to alternate moments of pure sky contemplation to contemporary spectacular visions.

The distinctive shape of Arch Rock naturally recalls that of a theatre, acoustics furthering enjoyment of the music. Arch Rock (also known as Rainbow Rock) is one of AlUla’s most recognisable rock formations, with its bridge-shaped or rainbow structure.

The event is the closing event of AlUla Skies, a festival celebrating the ancient relationship between the skies of AlUla and its inhabitants. Other activities connecting the skies with the visitors of AlUla include Hot Air Ballooning, night-time glow shows, helicopter rides, and Constellations, a unique high-tech stargazing experience with more than 2000 drones in AlUla.