AlUla Wellness Festival to launch on the 17th of March

الثلاثاء - 08 مارس 2022

Tue - 08 Mar 2022

AlUla has been always a destination that provides the respite and relaxation for the travellers passing through it as an ancient crossroads city for long time, and leaning on this history, AlUla Moments will introduce AlUla Wellness as the last major event of the winter season, reviving the history of AlUla to its visitors and residents again.

AlUla Wellness is a festival to promote holistic spiritual and physical health. Running from 17th to 27th of march this year, the festival will introduce a variety of events that benefits the mind, body and soul.

Five Senses Sanctuary:

Headlining AlUla Wellness will be Five Senses Sanctuary, a 360-degree multi-sensory event which allows its visitors to stimulate and elevate all five senses among the ancient and stunning surrounds of the magical AlUla landscape.

The immersive event will host over 300 activities, including yoga classes from world-renowned professionals, workshops, motivational talks, live music, and massage therapy. This holistic wellness event will run from 18th-27th March.

Each day of the event includes a meditative sunrise awakening, community breakfast, workshops, bookable treatments, and wellness experiences focused on movement, alignment, and relaxation.

Each evening offers a range of live experiences with music performances and gathering spot where attendees can connectconnect around the captivating campfire. This one-of-a-kind event brings international, local and regional instructors, speakers and life coaches with remarkable talents in the wellbeing field.

Eight celebrity instructors and yogis will be arriving in AlUla bringing the latest yoga trends and practices to the Arabian Peninsula for the first time. Chelsea Kauai, the celebrity Acro yoga specialist born and raised in Hawaii will be the leading celebrity instructor of the Five Senses Sanctuary. Dylan Werner, renowned international yoga instructor, lecturer, and educator in health, wellbeing, and mindfulness, is another celebrity instructor. Manish Pole, CEO of Artistic Yoga and disciple of Himalayan Master Bharat Thakur, will lead the sunrise and moonrise gatherings and will run the Five Senses Academy across the ten-day experience. The Academy teaches daily sessions on ancient yogic wisdom and provides daily certificates for participation.

The academy will offer free access to AlUla’s local residents todevelop and enhance the wellness sector in AlUla and contribute the locals in promoting the holistic spiritual and physical health.

Garden of Moments:

Garden of Moments is a sensory experience that uses visitors’ own movements and interactions to generate patterns of sound and light that are designed to encourage a meditative awareness of the surroundings. This unique installation will run from 20th February to 31st March.

EcoTrail AlUla:

The trail running event, EcoTrail AlUla, will be returning this year on the 18th and 19th of March 2022. The experience consists of different levels of trails, suitable for all ages and different fitness categories, including 80km, 50km, 25km. A new experience for 2022 is the 10km (Trail running and hiking) as well as the new Sunset Race, and a Kids Race.

Whether visitors choose to run, walk, or hike, EcoTrail offers adventure for all ages.

EcoTrail AlUla is a destination-running event with a focus on environment, nature, and the thrill of competing in an ancient untouched land. The EcoTrail was founded on the ethos of eco-responsibility, being close to nature and accessible to all, highlighting the cultural and natural character of AlUla, and respecting nature. Trail-running is a growing sport globally and AlUla is one of the world’s most exciting destinations for trail-running experiences.

AlfaOne Retreat:

Running from 13 February to 31 March 2022, enjoy a day of wellness and relaxation at the AlfaOne Retreat offering indoor and poolside dining, yoga, citrus picking, retail, and an art gallery.

Visitors can activate and ignite their senses with a full or partial day at the AlfaOne Retreat, focusing on relaxation and wellness at the meditation and yoga centre. they can also treat themselves at the hair and nail salon or enjoy citrus picking in the fruit garden, or satisfy their palates at Boho House Restaurant and coffee shop. They can choose something special to take home from the pop-up retail shop or art gallery.

Sadu Escape:

Hidden in the magnificent mountains and surrounded by sand dunes, visitors can find a private lounge gently buzzing with activity. Effortlessly blending Arabian culture with Saudi hospitality and soul-stirring, cross-cultural rhythms, Sadu Escape fosters a one-of-a-kind multi-experiential gathering place to connect with nature and one another. Equipped with a wellness lounge, live station dining concept, open bar area, plush outdoor seating, and a boutique, it’s easy to disconnect from the outside world and get lost in the beauty of Sadu.

Sadu Escape cultivates the arts and crafts of the region in this unique cultural set-up inspired by the Saudi spirit. Visitors can enjoy music, games and performances at the lounge tent and dine on local favorites made right in front of their eyes. Providing a majestic and stunning backdrop, visitors can gaze up at the millions of stars from the comfort of a moon bed or through a telescope and warm their hearts with a magical bonfire to replenish their soul with nature.

Thuraya Wellness Centre at Habitas AlUla:

Thuraya Wellness is where visitors come to restore and relax. Itoffers a peaceful lounge space with an alchemy bar, spa treatment rooms, a fitness centre, an outdoor wellness agora, and a yoga studio. Each of the therapies & rituals are intended on generating well-being, combining global and Middle Eastern techniques and ancestral practices. Some of the unique wellness experiences that are locally inspired include the rejuvenating Date Seed Body Scrub, the nourishing Essence of Arabia experience incorporating roses which have been used in Saudi Arabian culture for centuries, and the detoxifying Thuraya Experience featuring Moringa Peregrina oil.

The Wellness Festival is one of AlUla Moments, a series of four festivals including AlUla Arts, AlUla Skies and Winter at Tantora, all of which oversee a wide range of events and activities that contribute to making AlUla the ultimate culture and arts, wellness, adventure and sporting events destination in Saudi Arabia.

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