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Conspiracy against Saudi Arabia

الأربعاء - 08 يناير 2020

Wed - 08 Jan 2020

The world was on a date with dangerous leaks of confidential Iranian documents exposing Tehran's hidden role in meddling in Iraq affairs, and the wicked role of General Qasem Soleimani, commander of the Quds Force.

The documents are part of the archive of Iran's secret intelligence, which Intercept co-publishes with The New York Times simultaneously.

After reviewing the leaks of 700 Iranian intelligence documents and the Intercept report, I will be exposed to what these documents revealed about the reality of what Iran is for Saudi Arabia, and its role in forming the axis of evil that was previously warned by His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman.

The leaks revealed a meeting held in Turkey in 2014, which brought together both the terrorist Brotherhood and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, which is also a terrorist organization, under the patronage of the Turkish regime. But what is the link between them? Well, They agreed to conspire against Saudi Arabia.

Their common goal in this meeting was Saudi Arabia, which we mentioned and warned against in several articles about the Brotherhood's threat and its alliance with Iran. We also warned of near-full control of Iraq, and we warned of Iranian expansion and its aims to isolate Saudi Arabia geographically.

After controlling Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon to the north, the tripartite meeting came to transfer the conspiracy and control south in Yemen.

Saudi Arabia was a major obstacle to the projects of the axis of evil, and it obstructed the plans of superpowers in the region, in what was known as the “Arab Spring”. Saudi Arabia resisted the plans for that spring, when it was able to preserve Bahrain, when it helped Egypt and stood beside the Egyptian people, and when it refused to interfere in Libya.

Saudi Arabia has taken it upon itself to confront the scheme of international powers in restoring the map of the region, because it knows the consequences of what is happening to the Arab world.

For this, the tripartite meeting in Turkey was sponsored by international powers, because Saudi Arabia disrupted these goals by its decisive interference in favor of the Arab peoples against the so-called conspiratorial Islam with international and regional powers, led by Iran and Turkey.

According to the information included in the leaked documents, the Brotherhood's representative called on the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to work against Saudi Arabia in Yemen by uniting their ranks, in light of their “participation in hostility to Saudi Arabia” because of its standing with the interests and stability of the Arab world and against regional and international plans.

The documents also confirm that the Brotherhood had worked to communicate with Iranian officials before removing the late Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, and the two parties maintained contact after his removal.

At the Turkey meeting the question was whether they could still work together?

The Brotherhood and Al-Jazeera have continued to attack Saudi Arabia, under the pretext that it is fighting a Sunni faction (the Brotherhood), although what Saudi Arabia did is only to disrupt the goals of creative chaos that the Kingdom was fully aware of what was hidden beyond this chaos and what is being tried against it and against Arab countries.

Saudi Arabia led mediation between the Yemenis during the 2011 protests, a mediation that ended with the abdication of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and then the election of the current Yemeni President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, that consequently preserved Yemen from chaos.

At the end of 2014, after the meeting of the Evil Triangle, Al Houthi began to act against Yemeni legitimacy in cooperation with Ali Abdullah Saleh. At the beginning of 2015, the "Decisive Storm" that the conspirators and the international and regional powers did not foresee began.

The "Decisive Storm" was a very rapid reaction to the Turkish-Iranian brotherhood conspiracy against the Arab world, and Saudi Arabia managed to reverse the equation, by winning the legitimate government and the Yemeni people and stopping the conspiracy.

The conclusion of what these leaks confirmed is that we are facing a tripartite plot to conspire against the Arab nation, and each of them has its own goals.

For Turkey, Erdogan is moving his foreign policies with special goals related to the illusions of the leadership of the Islamic world, but the presence of Saudi Arabia, the strong pivotal country and the Qibla of the world's Muslims, hinders this.

As for Iran, its aim is to restore the Persian glories, as it has purposes, or rather economic ambitions, because the Iranians want to reach the Mediterranean and control the economy of Iraq.

As for the Brotherhood, they are sick with the greed of the authority, and wish to reach rule in the Arab world with the support of international powers.

So, the goals of the countries of the axis of evil Iran - Turkey with all the Brotherhood agents failed on the rock of Saudi Arabia, and therefore it was natural and logical that their common goal in the 2014 meeting was to partition Saudi Arabia, which was the great dam against conspiracies against the Arab world.

If we go back, and in terms of the memorial that helps the faithful, we will find that Saudi Arabia with every Arab country has honorable stances in the interest of the Arab world.

The Saudis have a history of blood on the fronts of the fighting in Palestine and the countries facing Israel: Jordan, Syria and Egypt, not to mention the provision of money to support all of this, in addition to hidden and declared situations, on top of which is standing next to Egypt and Syria in the October War, all of which proceed from Arab and national sense, and positions Good morals, championship pathways presented by the Saudis, government and people.

Also, in the Algerian case, the way the Saudi ambassador did stand for it was honorable when he entered the United Nations headquarters in 1955, carrying the Algerian flag. He also announced in 1958 that the "15th of Shaban Day" of each year will be "Algeria Day", in which the Saudi people donate money to help the Algerian people in the way of their struggle to liberate their country from French colonialism.

On the memory of Palestine, the Palestine issue is one of the main constants of Saudi policy, and for this purpose it has provided military, material and political support since the conflict has begun, and initiatives have been put forward to solve the Palestinian issue, represented in: King Fahd’s Peace Project (the Arab Peace Project), which was announced at the summit The Arab conference, which was held in the Moroccan city of Fez in 1982, was approved by the Arab countries, and became the basis for the Arab peace project, as this initiative was the basis for the peace conference in Madrid in 1991.

Among the Saudi efforts in the region, the Taif for Lebanon conference is the most popular among millions of people in the region. Saudi Arabia contributed by this agreement to saving Lebanon from the devastations of the dirty war. Before that, the confrontation was in the presence and participation with the Arab deterrence forces to maintain security in this country.

In Kuwait, Saudi Arabia stood in the confrontation against the invasion of the Arab neighbor to the Arab neighbor until it was liberated after hosting the Kuwaiti brothers in their second country. Saudi Arabia also had a confrontation against allowing American forces to launch from Saudi soil to attack Iraq.

We must not forget the role of Saudi Arabia in mediating the lifting of penalties against Libya, supporting the stability of Yemen historically, and mediating between the demonstrators and the military council in Sudan.

All of the above is a tip of the iceberg, and there are many signs of Saudi Arabia’s pioneering role in championing Arab issues, and listing them here is not a matter of security, but rather to emphasize Saudi Arabia’s historical role in working on the interests of the Arab nation.

On the other hand, we will find that Iran brought destruction wherever it occurred, and it is always necessary for sectarian fighting and theft of goods. The Arab demonstrations in Iraq and Lebanon against Iran are perhaps the best evidence.

As for the Brotherhood, they are agents in order to gain power and exclusivity in it, while Turkey does not hesitate to support extremist movements in all Arab lands.

This, every Saudi citizen who loves his country must be aware that the goal is to divide your country into smaller states, this is the goal.

Praise be to God, we are a strong and great nation in its leadership and people, we are the truth and we stand with it and they are evil. We were always on time with the regional and international geopolitical changes ... May God protect our homeland.


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