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Is Boeing Really an “American” Corporate?!

الجمعة - 12 يوليو 2019

Fri - 12 Jul 2019

(WhatsApp chats): Abu Mohammed, my family and me had a domestic flight booking in X Country on X Airlines, but I was surprised that the airplane will be the same model of those airplanes which fell in Indonesia and Ethiopia;

  • “unbelievable” send me the flight number and date,

  • here you are,

  • come on man, it is not the same airplane, this flight will be operated by a 737800, not a 737 MAX.

  • All of them are 737, aren’t they?

  • OK you are right, but this one is a model and the MAX is another different model,

  • By the end it’s a 737, come on, it’s a moment of revelation. End of his quote, God bless him.

Another chat:

  • Abu Mohammed, how to know whether Emirates’ airplanes are MAX or not?

  • Do you mean Emirates Airlines or Fly Dubai?

  • Yes, I mean Emirates.

  • But Emirates does not have Boeing 737.

  • Yes, but it has Boeing 777...

It is not necessary to continue the chat, but have we sensed the magnitude of fears and worry?!

I am really astonished how Boeing dealt with the problem of 737 MAX, which forced Mr. President, Donald Trump, to go out of his silence and give them a hard lesson in business troubles. Airlines began – one by one – to cancel 737 MAX’s deals of purchases. This news, alongside publicly circulated images, where 737 MAX airplanes appear positioned in the Boeing’s parking lot, is an evidence of overproduction inside. Who decided this work, and what kind of saving does this unwise executive talk about?

I found statistics asking: Are you willing to travel on the Boeing 737 MAX? The results were as following: 15% said Yes, 8% said Yes, but after 6 months of fixing the problem, 22% said Yes, but after 12 months. The biggest percentage was for those who said No which reached 55%!

How come that Boeing is an “American” corporate and fails to improve its reputation in front of the world? How come it ignores its customers’ fears? How Boeing overlooks increasing rates of those who refuse to ride their airplanes?! How did Boeing’s administration allow discrediting its good reputation by parking its airplanes in the corporate parking lot? How did Boeing fail in enhancing its reputation in the media while it is in the north of Hollywood and in the west of CNN?! The American media has always got the ability to affect the world public opinion, and it’s indeed a strong media which can turn the rifle into a flower and the bomb into firecrackers!

Boeing is a great corporate, and its airplanes are among the best in the world, but it was afflicted by an administration of an operational nature, and confined in its factory, being afraid of spending lots of money and caring of saving, staying away from media and public opinion.

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

Warren Buffet


Are you willing to travel on the Boeing 737 MAX?

  • 55% No.

  • 15% Yes.

  • 8% Yes, after 6 months of fixing the problem.

  • 22% Yes, after 12 months of fixing the problem.

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