"Disney: The Castle" in Boulevard City

الجمعة - 24 نوفمبر 2023

Fri - 24 Nov 2023

As part of its international activities, Riyadh Season 2023 launches the international sub-zone "Disney: The Castle", one of Boulevard City's sub-zones.

The castle's activities cover a vast area of 20,000 square meters and offer a variety of experiences.

Visitors can enjoy a nightly 20-minute concert in front of the castle doors, watch a screening of the music from the movie Encanto and its famous house, and explore the enchanting Frozen Forest.

They can also experience the musical Cave of Wonders with Aladdin's genie, participate in a workshop, and beat the Djembe drums to the scores of The Lion King.

Additionally, visitors can explore the sea world with Ariel the mermaid, purchase exclusive Disney products, and take souvenir photos in the magical world of Disney's The Castle.

Visitors to Disney Castle will embark on an exhilarating 90-minute adventure filled with joy and excitement.

They will be transported through the enchanting realms of beloved Disney cartoons, immersing themselves in a remarkable family festival that pays tribute to the iconic Disney animated films.

This extraordinary experience features interactive shows and breathtaking live concerts, presented by a select ensemble of world-class Disney Concert artists.

All of this unfolds on a grand stage, towering 30 meters high, in front of the majestic castle.

This exhilarating new music event is produced by international creative and production powerhouses Balich Wonder Studio, Propeller Live, and Tim Lawson in association with Disney Concerts.

The Vice President and General Manager of Disney Concerts, Chip McLean, said: "We are thrilled to premiere Disney: The Castle at Riyadh Season 2023.

The successful launch of this groundbreaking musical experience is the result of the creativity and collaboration of so many talented people, both from within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, working together to make our shared vision a reality.

We extend a warm invitation to Riyadh Season visitors, families from across the region and Disney fans of all ages to join us for the global premiere of Disney: The Castle.”

Gianmaria Serra, Founder & Executive President of Balich Wonder Studio, added: “We are now just weeks away from the launch of this groundbreaking new project, and we cannot wait to see the wonder on the audiences' faces as they experience Disney: The Castle for the first time at The Boulevard Riyadh City.

At Balich Wonder Studio, creating new ways to surprise, connect, and inspire audiences is what drives us every day, and this special collaboration with Disney Concerts has allowed us to craft an experience that we believe sets a new benchmark for live music events across the world.

Over the course of a 90-minute visit, guests will literally step into the music of Disney's most beloved movies as these iconic soundtracks come to life around the Castle through special live performances and unique installations. Altogether, it is a one-of-a-kind project.”

Max Painter, on behalf of Propeller Live, said: “Disney: The Castle began as an idea to bring the magic of Disney to a global audience as a groundbreaking immersive musical journey with the Castle as its iconic centerpiece. In creative collaboration with Disney Concerts and our esteemed partners, we aim to deliver an incredible experience for our guests, and we are truly thrilled to see this exciting project make its global premiere as part of the Riyadh Season 2023. Disney: The Castle is a true marquee experience that is interactive, engaging, energetic, vibrant, diverse, and unrivaled in its ambition to bring Disney’s music to life for a worldwide audience."

Tim Lawson, CEO of TML Enterprises, shared: “It’s wonderful after years of planning to have Disney: The Castle make its world premiere at this year’s Riyadh Season.

Thanks to our friends and partners at Sela and GEA for being such great hosts of our events, and of course to Disney Concerts for entrusting us to collaborate with them on this magical immersive experience celebrating Disney’s beloved music,”

The fourth edition of Riyadh Season, themed "Big Time," offers many entertainment options and experiences.

It continues to attract visitors from across the globe to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, during the winter months, providing them with the opportunity to partake in thousands of concerts, exhibitions, and other distinctive entertainment events.

Notable celebrities and prominent international brands contribute to the grandeur of this occasion.