"The 'Hawi' Portal Includes more than 403 Members

Saudi Art Club.. Home of all Saudi Artists
Saudi Art Club.. Home of all Saudi Artists

الثلاثاء - 14 نوفمبر 2023

Tue - 14 Nov 2023

The human importance of visual arts stems from its role as a universal language, transcending all languages and cultures. Anyone, regardless of their language, can understand the ideas embodied in a painting or a stone sculpture and sense the emotions reflected in its details without the need for explanation or interpretation. From this expressive ability, liberated from the alphabets of languages, stems the importance of visual arts, as well as the significance of any organizational framework that connects artists, such as the Saudi Art Club, one of the most popular hobby clubs, attracting members on the national 'Hawi' identity portal.
The Saudi Art Club was established in Riyadh and registered on the 'Hawi' portal in 2022. It has more than 403 members of both genders, influenced by the services 'Hawi' provides to hobbyists and their clubs. The club is focused on visual arts, aiming to connect the Saudi artistic community and develop artistic performance to achieve comprehensive artistic quality. It also aims to promote Saudi visual arts internationally, and periodically stimulate and honor distinguished club members to ensure continuity and creativity. The club emphasizes teamwork to ensure member cohesion, striving to bring members to a stage of mastery and professionalism. It attracts experts in visual arts and seeks to win local and global awards through its members' participation, and achieve institutional excellence and artistic quality.
Considering the scope of visual arts, which includes painting, sculpture, mosaic, photography, filmmaking, design, crafts, architecture, theatrical arts, conceptual arts, textile arts, and applied arts like industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, and interior design; Saudi Art Club becomes the home for all Saudi artists, as it allows membership for all Saudi hobbyists.
The club organizes various events, including workshops for its members, visual arts competitions, lectures, seminars, and art exhibitions. These activities respond to the virtual needs and requirements of artists, offering the care and services needed by its members and providing opportunities for creativity and showcasing their works locally through the 'Hawi' portal.
Visual arts are a fundamental tributary of Saudi culture. Every artistic work created by a Saudi artist speaks for Saudi culture, expressing its human values. The Saudi artist serves as an ambassador for Saudi culture, highlighting the importance of the role played by the Saudi Art Club and 'Hawi' in fostering all visual arts hobbyists and providing an organizational framework that unites them into one entity.

The 'Hawi' portal, one of the Quality of Life program initiatives, was established by 12 government entities to encourage the community to develop a culture of hobbies, facilitate the connection of individuals with shared interests for a healthy and productive lifestyle, and develop an environment conducive to hobby clubs by offering a variety of services aimed at building a vibrant community."