The Saudi Architecture and Design Commission Launches the Architecture and Design Research Strategy

الثلاثاء - 14 نوفمبر 2023

Tue - 14 Nov 2023

The Saudi Architecture and Design Commission announces the launch of its research strategy in the field of architecture and design, that will cultivate and empower a collaborative research community comprised of scholars, academics, students, practitioners, and researchers to activate the ecosystem within the field, and participate in the global landscape.

This initiative, under the Commission's Content Development Program, is considered one of the main pillars of the program. By bridging gaps and enhancing research capabilities, the Commission further enhancesthe architecture and design field.

Dr. Sumayah Solaiman Al-Solaiman, the CEO of the Architecture and Design Commission, emphasized the goal of creating a dynamic environment. The launch of the research strategy will sustain social, economic, and environmental impacts within the architecture and design sector through an inclusive framework, encouraging participation and contribution. The strategy will aid indeveloping the research infrastructure, creating a stimulating environment and facilitating access to resources, supporting innovation and sector growth, enhancing research capabilities and talents, encouraging proficiency and capacity building within the architecture and design community.

To implement the strategy, the Commission has devised eight tracks based on leading global systematic practices in the sector, which are:

- Grant support for publications and community events.

- Fellowship and residency programs to foster growth and knowledge dissemination.

- Comprehensive training covering methodologies, writing, publishing, and essential skill sets.

- Activation of researchers and development of performance metrics.

- Strengthening sector facilities and encouraging collaboration.

- Development of a platform for practitioners, encouraging collaboration and knowledge exchange.

- National conferences and networking events.

- Support for disseminating creative outputs within the sector.

The Architecture and Design Commission supports innovation, improving design skills, building up global recognition and sustainability, to enrich and actively contribute to the field. Furthermore, the Commission has identified research priorities in the fields of architecture and design, including theories and documentation, human and society, practices and applications, design technology, education and learning, and sustainable design.