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MBC Talent hosts a booth at the Annual Production Market at the Saudi Film Festival

الأربعاء - 10 مايو 2023

Wed - 10 May 2023

MBC Talent’s esteemed stars walked the red carpet on May 4th for the opening of the highly anticipated Saudi Film Festival. The red carpet has been transformed into a sea of elegance, Among the guests are A-list actors, such as Elham Ali & Khaled Saqr, Reem Alhabib, Aziz Buhais, Osama Saleh, Abdulrahman Jandal & Yasin Ghazzawi & many more renowned and prominent talents of the film industry, Like Khairiah Abu Laban, Yassir Alsaggaf & Faisal Aldoukhi all of whom have come together to celebrate this occasion.

Many of our talents attend the festival in support of their short films, Reem Alhabib for her film “KOORA”, Abdulrahman Jandal in support of his short film “STREET 105”, Mohammed Ali for his short film “SLAVE” & Fatima AlSharif for “RAVEN SONG”, “SAND”, “ZABARGAD” and finally “SINK”.

MBC talent is hosting a booth during the annual production market that happens every year at the Saudi Film Festival, the esteemed film festival that is held at Ithraa – Aramco, opened its doors to many of the talents of the industry on the 4th of May.

The MBC talent booth will be part of the production market alongside many respected companies in the industry. The booth will provide registration for casting, meeting with the casting experts and finally a chance to become a star and become a part of MBC Talent & Casting.

MBC Talent will also provide an opportunity for talents who are eager to become stars, by providing them with opportunities for career growth via the extensive network of MBC GROUP, and through our talent management services.

MBC Talent proudly announces their commitment to rewarding three projects 3 free casting sessions, this year's awards ceremony will award deserving individuals recognized for their exemplary projects. MBC Talent aims to motivate and inspire people from the industry to set new standards of excellence.