Abdullah M . AlShahrani

By Evidence: COVID19 and The Great Saudi Arabia

الاحد - 03 مايو 2020

Sun - 03 May 2020

Every world nation found itself in a T-crossroad, confronting the dangerous wide-spread pandemic COVID19, having two options, either going into the Humanitarian route preserving peoples’ safety or fearing for the economy by prioritizing money and wealth over people’s lives. In The Great Saudi Arabia, everyone, citizens, residents, fans, spiteful, and the entire world, have already witnessed how this great country dealt with this horrible pandemic.

The Great Saudi Arabia, prioritized peoples’ safety and put it above the pyramid of all its priorities as a crown. The matter lived in reality by citizens and residents as well, within the country, also benefited citizens who reside abroad. Everybody experienced the finest types of treatment and care. A state that utilized all Its capabilities to face the pandemic, by supporting the Ministry of Health, which impressed everyone in many ways; transparency, quick handling of news, the high sense of responsibility by its managerial and medical staff, to the unconventional

medical services, dispensing medications and home examination.

The Great Saudi Arabia, thanks to God, was definitely felicitous by taking a package of pheasant resolutions that included suspending traveling to the countries that announced high rates of infections, suspending Umrah and partial closure of Mattaf, suspending education, suspending events and athletic activities, suspending international flights followed by domestic ones, suspending prayers in mosques and finally a partial curfew.

The appearance of my Sir, His Majesty the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques that evening had its prestigious dignity and greatness, an appearance that made every resident in this country to feel secured. Everybody felt it is just a period of time that will end, after God’s help and mercy, and by cooperation. A crisis has shown to us that we are responsible, committed and disciplined – the government and the community – compared to some other countries that claimed to be among the developed world who still theorizing on human rights cases. A Government and a community who acted what proves their awareness of current situation, despite of what some social media’s ‘clowns’ broadcast on and between us and individuals who do not constitute any percentage in the Saudi community.

While I was monitoring the scene, roaming around well-know and official International media, I saw hypermarkets with no food and consumables in America, France, Italy, Germany, Australia too, and other Western countries. Even worse, I saw a strong increase in arms sales with crowds in licensed stores, with big numbers of infected people terrifyingly.

Actually, I stared surprised in front of these information and videos, how our supermarkets filled with all these blessings and goods? What makes us sleep in peace and secure? These tangible blessings and security that we feel are the blessing of God and leaders in our country who planned and monitored the implementation, and found a community who believes in God together as one body, committing to the decisions, loyal and loving to their country, redeeming soul before money.

From The Great Saudi Arabia, I say: “And if you would count the favours of God, never could you be able to count them” The Holy Quran Surah Al-Nahl Verse No. 18.

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