Mass movements unified by a uniform grievance whose main instruments wielded are for the purpose of division along ethnic or sectarian lines is not just a manifold and amorphous threat to the ascendancy of the individual, but also to Islam. Movements such as these only lead to a permanent trend of fragmentation, subjection, and are almost always directed by a nefarious external host at its target. Progressive, marxist liberation, socialist movements, or those espoused by terrorist organizations are always invested in tactics that lead to these outcomes of fragmentation and subjection. In practically all instances the threat originates from a host that is unified and aggressive in the implementation of its radical objectives. The people who offer, host, and implement these movements they can only stand a optimum chance of success if they target and identify a weak and divided opposition. The incubator of this dangerous ideology, wrapped in the banner of a grievance mass movement, can afford to be an opportunist because they are clear of their strategic aims. “Cosmopolitan” movements, if you will, therefore deny the very individual principles that Prophet Mohammed, Peace Be Upon Him, stressed to those who walked with him or had the privilege to witness in person. Therefore mass movements of a cosmopolitan nature, which champions the cause of a perceived “aggrieved masses” flies directly in the face of the of Islam and the very principle of submission before Allah where the individual has the direct access to the maker of the universe and worlds. Grievance-oriented marxist liberation movements, socialist, other radical ideologies of the left or right, or of a terrorist nature should be immediately identified and judged harshly for their attempt to replace the primacy of the individual that among other things Islam practices. The process in the beginning only bears the odious fruit of fragmentation, with ultimately subjugation to the state, whether it be the Nation-State The Butcher of Damascus resides over or the so-called islamic state that daesh offers its subjected and enslaved people's in Raqqa or Mosul. For example, Socialism through its espousal of the cause of ‘the masses’ and its substitution of faith in the redistributive economic powers of a Nation-State directly repudiates the very principle of the individual submitting his or her will to Allah for the direct access to Him that it provides. In this scenario when the implementation of socialism is taken to its logical stopping point the Nation-State ultimately becomes the dominant factor in the individuals day-to-day life because of its all encompassing nature of the socialist Nation-State. Therefore there cannot be any compatibility or accommodation with the ascendancy of the individual to have a primacy over the nature of the Nation-State. Therefore movements such as these must be aggressively confronted head on, directly, in the form of ideas and speech, without hesitation whenever and wherever they appear, and if necessary to wrest possession of the dominions where the purveyors who originate these dangerous ideologies reside. Ultimately if they are not, then the problem only grows, and the ultimate result is subjection and enslavement of those who wait too late to confront it. President John F. Kennedy had a favorite quote he used to like to share with his inner circle: "The hottest places in hell are for those who in a time of moral crisis maintain their neutrality."