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Boeing and FAA…Play Dead

الأربعاء - 19 يونيو 2019

Wed - 19 Jun 2019

The American corporation Boeing and the Federal Aviation Administration FAA are undoubtedly the founders of aviation industry in the world. Both of them were complementary. Boeing held the manufacturing side of the aviation industry, while the FAA held the legislation and regulations side. This twinning created a giant leap in aviation history, and this was the positive part of the complementary, but there was a negative part for this relation, either in the form of an influence or a lobby.

Six months ago, 189 passengers passed away in a tragic crash of the new Boeing 737 Max in Indonesia, when I wrote an article “I won’t believe”, where I mentioned that I would not believe an experienced air jockey caused hard stall and big hit. After this incident, useless words began to appear such as “let this thing burn out and people will forget”, and “acupuncture needles” statements came out here and there. Different organizations began to release false information as “the pilot was trying to commit suicide, the pilot didn’t know what to do, hard turbulence, poor maintenance in Lion Air... etc.” All this happened and the FAA “was playing the role of dead.”

On Sunday , March 10th , the world awoke to another horrible news, the death of 157 passengers on board for the crash of the new Boeing 737 Max also, but this time was in Ethiopia. At this point, Boeing and its fans, could not deny the connection between the two airplanes incidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia, and the snowball that is already big, began to roll faster and faster, a ball created by the awkward silence and the “acupuncture needles” concerning the Indonesian airplane crash accident. On the next day, March 11th, China bravely announced (as the first country to do it) banning all the 97 Boeing 737 Max airplanes from flying in all Chinese air line companies, and was followed, in few hours by the same day by Indonesia, Mongolia, and South Korea, and the FAA was still hibernating by not taking action.

Two days after the accident “on Tuesday March 12th”, Singapore, India, Turkey and Britain began to ban Boeing 737 Max aircraft fleets, as well as the European Aviation Safety Agency EASA. On the same day, the FAA woke out of hibernation and which they did not (what’s the matter? Nothing, just another Boeing 737 Max has crashed in Ethiopia... so what’s the catch? Just prohibiting all Boeing 737 Max airplanes to fly over... it is disobeyed so Boeing would not get upset, all things are all right), and a statement by FAA assuring the validity of all 737 Max for flying.

The next day (Wednesday, March 13th ) the (chieftain) Donald Trump woke up seeing new governments and organizations joining in those who proceeded them (and saw what FAA has done yesterday), so he intervened and issued a decree to ban all Boeing 737 Max airplanes, which is considered a “shame” on the FAA.

Those who are familiar with the 737 specifically flight crew and maintenance engineers, know that Boeing and FAA have just wronged this great airplane

Boeing 737 Max

First accident

- Indonesia October 29th, 2018.

- 189 passengers died.

Second accident

- Ethiopia March 10th, 2019.

- 157 passengers died.

Countries and organizations prohibited 737 Max

- March 11th

- China

- Indonesia

- Mongolia

- South Korea

- March 12th

- Singapore

- India

- Turkey


- March 13th

- Panama

- Vietnam

- Canada


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